The Throne of Grace

Ah, now this is the right verse I was supposed to be drawing for my friend (see my previous post: Typography Attempt).

I had a hard time figuring out what image I wanted for this verse because I didn’t know how to draw a cool-looking “throne of grace.” Basically, because the terms were rather abstract, I had to get a little more creative with my drawings. I settled for a cross with a crown because, well, those are things I know how to draw.


With the rough sketch done, I went ahead and lightly traced it on my cold-pressed paper with a light box. Again, I tried to center the image properly on my paper but… ahh…. let’s just say I’m still a noob when it comes to centering things. I even measured and drew little lines to guide me and such.

Hmmm, hopefully I’ll get better as time goes on…


Next, I went over the words with the thin Kuretake brush pen and a gel black liner.


And now… mistake number 1: the gel pen that I used didn’t dry very well and it left tiny globs of black ink, which I inevitably smeared as I was swiveling my paper and inking the ovals around the cross (sigh, sad life). But, thankfully the smears weren’t that noticeable, and I figured that after I added color to it I would be able to take care of it during the final touch-up.


But then… came mistake number 2: the gel pen proved to be very susceptible to water, which ended up spreading when I applied watercolor over the lines (See image below. Boooooo….). At this point I was severely regretting the usage of this black pen. At the same time, I had committed so much time to this piece I didn’t want to just toss it aside and start over.

Sometimes you just gotta learn to role with the punches. I compromised by telling myself that if I finished coloring it and it still looked incredibly crappy, then I would be allowed to toss it and start over.

FullSizeRender 4.jpg
So. Much. Sadness.

After I finished adding watercolor, I went over the entire piece with another black pen and, this time, the end results were much, much better.

Unfortunately, the last mistake (maybe not so much a mistake, but just an unfortunate side effect) was that with all the water I added, the paper buckled a lot during the process of coloring. Many of my other paintings have this problem, so I finally decided that I needed to learn how to address this issue, and proceeded to watch a multitude of videos on how to stretch paper after paint is applied.

Therefore, this piece, while technically complete, is currently sitting under a box of heavy polymer clay and other heavy-ish items. Let’s hope it all works out and I have a nice, flat painting to hand over to my friend.


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