Rainbows and Animals

Continuing on with my historical Bible study, the next story I went through was Noah’s ark (might have skipped a few stories in between… Whoops.)

As always, I start out with a sketch:

FullSizeRender 7

I didn’t actually draw out a full and accurate sketch this time because…. Well, I don’t really have a good reason: I just got lazy. 😀

BUT! I was not lazy with my measuring this time. I broke out the ruler, measured multiple times and even busted out a protractor in order to properly size up the rainbow. You’ll notice that there is a very, very uneven blue rainbow… I finally used a protractor to get that nice and even outline for the rainbow. Unfortunately, this didn’t deter me from messing up the rainbow when I added color…

FullSizeRender 10

Getting up close and personal with the animals

I sort of sketched out some of the animals in my drawing book, but ended up using less  than I originally planned to because I wanted the animals to look bigger in order to fully fill the boat and give it a more cartoon-ish feel.

Next was outlining and coloring! Learning from my mistake in the previous art attempt (see post: The Throne of Grace), I did NOT use a gel pen, but opted for a different type of ink pen. The results were far better than my last attempt.


Aaaannd… now we see how my rainbow turned out. Very crooked and uneven. It was surprisingly (Or maybe not surprising… perhaps I just severely overestimated my own abilities) difficult to get a even line, let alone try to mix all the colors before they dried. I only used red, yellow, blue and a bit of purple and hoped that orange and green would somehow find its way into the rainbow.

Next I re-outlined the entire piece and added in small details:

FullSizeRender 9
Animals always look like soul-less creatures before I draw in the white reflection on the eyes.


As pleased as I was with the results this time…. did you spot the mistake already? I added an ‘s’ after cloud. 😦 Ironically, I made the same mistake while I was practicing and I made a mental note that I would not make the same mistake when I wrote on the final product. But, of course, the mind is feeble and forgets quickly. Thankfully my mistake doesn’t change the original intent of the verse (Or does it?! Someone correct me if I’m wrong!!)


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