Foxy Family

“Her children rise up an call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her: “Many women have done excellently, but you surpass them all.” ” [Proverbs 31:28-29]

I often wonder what it takes to be called blessed and to be praised. To be worthy of being told “you surpass them all.” Like… that’s one ridiculously godly and talented woman. It makes you look at all the mothers in the world and realize that their job is no easy task and God knows it. He’s fully aware of how difficult this job is and His high standards stand clear when you read through Proverbs 31.


I originally played around with drawing a family of bears (as you can tell in my sketch on the top right) because I’m the most comfortable with drawing bears. But I wanted to change it around a bit because… I always default to bears. Haha.

Another reason why I chose foxes this time is because I’ll be working on a bigger project soon, which will require that I draw many, many foxes. So… practice makes… life easier (in the future).

I also decided to try to write in the verses at a different angle this time, rather than always having the verse flat or straight across. It was a bit difficult to get the right curve on the words and to make everything look balanced. In the end, I drew a curved line and freehanded the verse, hoping for the best.

After giving a light outline in pen and writing out the words, I mixed a “base orange” color and built my other oranges around that base color. I would either add a bit more red or a bit more yellow to my brush and make another shade of orange for a particular fox. Unfortunately, there were a few spots that bled out because I wasn’t careful while painting, but those were things that could be fixed post-painting.

I had to use a few layers of paint to give the animals more depth which meant there was a lot of waiting time in between painting each layer. When I was finally done painting, I used a thick black Faber Castell artist pen to re-outline the entire piece. I usually use a thin black pen, but I opted for a thicker one to see how different thicknesses would affect the end result. I actually really liked the affect the pen had, but next time I’ll try a thinner thick pen (If that makes any sense) and try to taper out the end of my brush strokes to get cleaner results.

I hope these Mother’s Day focused posts have been helpful in giving inspiration to you guys for your own Mother’s Day crafts!




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