The Throne of Grace

Ah, now this is the right verse I was supposed to be drawing for my friend (see my previous post: Typography Attempt). I had a hard time figuring out what image I wanted for this verse because I didn't know how to draw a cool-looking "throne of grace." Basically, because the terms were rather abstract, I had to... Continue Reading →


Typography Attempt

It's funny to think that 10 plus years ago, I was already doodling typography-like artwork. Fast- forward to today, I was surprised to see this type of lettering trending and being sold... everywhere. Mind you, my doodles were nothing compared to the stuff that you would find in stores and online, but I'd like to think... Continue Reading →

Falling into Place

Here I'll attempt to flesh out my thought process behind this sketch. Like I mentioned in my IG post, I heard the song on the radio... and this line really stood out to me. "Your world's not falling apart, it's falling into place." I think, often times, we get caught up in thinking that every... Continue Reading →

The Journey Begins…

I suck at documenting and keeping up with social media. Yet here I am again, trying to start up this business idea. Current feeling: super overwhelmed. @.@ There are too many things to learn and not enough time. I guess that's the internet's way of saying welcome to the world of social media.

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